Hello Folks

So, it happens. I'm here, blogging again, writing my first post once again wich is never easier than previous one. But doing something in the hard way is what this blog will be about.

This is after all devblog right?

Right! So a few words about why. I'm a full-stack web developer but in free time i'm working on games and sometimes absurdly stupid projects that give me a lot of fun.

Most of this projects is all about learning new technologies and having fun with every day ideas which usually end up in the folder 'I'm sure I'll finish this some day'. At the beginning of this year I have started a game project that evolved in monster with damn hard learning curve. Mainly through my choices. But hey! This is fun!

So yep... I'm making MMO

But not one of those great, infinite worlds where the possibilities end where your imagination is. It is much simpler, but we will discuss details in future posts.

What you are probably interested in is the technology that it will use.

  • Node.js - Server-side. I'm PHP guy and it's time to move forward.
  • Pomelo - "Fast, scalable, distributed game server framework for node.js". They never said it will be easy. Almost 0 Google results in English for this framework was one of the reasons to start this blog.
  • Babylon.js - As frontend. After several iterations of various frameworks, the selection fell on it through good documentation and 3D capabilities.
  • Sockets.io - To put it all together.

So, I hope that with time I will build a good story here about a guy who jumped into deep water and tell you how to swim in it. That's why it's all about the hard way.

That's all?

Nope, I'll get you some more. This is not just a blog about the game. I will not be talking only about my game here. It's just dev blog so there will probably be a lot of content about web-dev and various other projects here. By the way, I will have the opportunity to train my English, which is probably not my best side.

Stay tuned and keep fingers crossed!